Sevylor Wabash Review

Ideally to be used for the purpose of convenience, as there is no doubt there are other kayaks on today’s market, especially Sevylor kayaks that excel far greater for the purposes of fun, racing, riving running and long distance journeys. But at this price range, if you take the Sevylor Wabash kayak for what it is, and you’re looking for an inflatable that can be thrown into a car and be taken out for a spontaneous day out with the kids, then there is no better kayak than the Sevylor Wabash.

With the Wabash, you are able to do all those things listed above, to some degree, as stated there are other kayaks that excel better in each area but when they are at a much higher price point which makes the commitment to the hobby a lot higher, buying a Sevylor Wabash to test the waters of kayaking is seriously a no-brainer.

Here I have laid out a great review as to why I think this kayak is perfect for any newcomer to kayaking, as well as the benefits and features this kayak is going to give you.

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How does the Sevylor Wabash paddle?

This seriously is a ‘no fluff’ kayak, in the water it does exactly as you might expect. It is sophisticated and for an inflatable kayak is ais seriously a tough one, you’d of thought it was built from titanium by just how sturdy it is – almost impossible to tip over.

Due to its design, you may feel some drag when paddling with the kayak, this is due to the seats being placed on the bottom of the kayak rather than being attached to the sides like the Sevylor Alameda, these seats are attached to the floor which could give this result. Although saying this, the drag is somewhat noticeable, especially to a beginner. You’ll be having to much fun to notice!

Designed for short paddles rather than long hauls ultimately because of the convenience it gives you with its quick and easy setup and even the ease of putting the kayak away.

And with its price, it goes without saying that there are3 no footrests or cute little details that add to the functionality of this Sevylor Wabash, but that does not mean it still isn’t a great kayak. These kayas do not really affect the paddling experience although they could hold you back from having all the fun if you’re in need of more leg room or convenient pockets for holding any snacks and drinks.

So if you’re looking for a ‘no fluff kayak’ that will give you the spontaneous fun you desire for you and your family, then getting a Sevylor Wabash is a no-brainer.

If you’re discouraged by the fact that this kayak isn’t as good as others on the market, even though you shouldn’t consider its price range, it would be a shame to not even purchase one for your children who could finally join you on those adventures. So in the case, even if it’s not for you, you will know someone that will be grateful to have a Sevylor Wabash.

Sevylor Wabash – Key Features

Here listed are some key features that I really think will spark your interest even further in the Sevylor Wabash kayak and hopefully convince you why the Wabash is great for you are for someone that you know.

Speedy Inflation

With the foot pump, it will take you no more than 5 minutes to fully inflate the Sevylor Wabash to full capacity, which I believe is pretty good, as for as convenience goes. Besides, it gives the rest of the family a pre-kayak break if snacks and toilet breaks are needed!

Adjustable Seats

Now, some of us need a lot of leg room, and others don’t. With these seats you are able to adjust them to your preference, whether you’re moving them to give more leg room to those who need it or completely removing them from the kayak when not in use.

Lightweight and Compact Size

With the light sports like bag it comes with, this kayak is extremely convenient, making it an ideal kayak if you’re wanting to throw it in the back of the car for a spontaneous trip out with the family, park the car and throw the kayak over your shoulder allowing you to effortlessly walk to your favourite spot without to much hassle.

All in 1

With everything coming with it, the Wabash features all the necessary tools that allow you to start the fun adventures as soon as you purchase it. Although, I would recommend picking up life jackets if you’re not so confident at kayaking or are generally unconfident in the water.

Light paddles

This is one of my pain points as to why this is a kid-friendly kayak. With light panels, even the kids will be able to help out with the rowing, it may take some more time to get to where you want to be due to their lightness but it creates even more fun for you and the kids.

High Protective Sides

Designed with higher sides, the kayak puts up a great defence against water and any splashing you may experience from splashing paddles to poor weather conditions. This is an extremely important feature, especially if you have kids as getting wet sometimes gets in the way of the fun!

Repair Kit

And as always, with any kayak you purchase online, it comes with a standard repair kit, as a way of giving you a ‘quick fix’ to any punctures you may pick up when you’re having fun. Giving you a way to quickly solve problems and deal with them once the fun has ended.

“Is the Sevylor Wabash for me?”

Reinforcing this like before, I believe the Sevylor Wabash is best for any beginner to the hobby or even if you’re just looking for a cheap kayak that can be tossed in the back for a spontaneous adventure with the kids.

So with this consider, if you’ve got kids, are looking for a light and affordable kayak for no-hassle fun then you’d be stupid not to get you and your family a Sevloy Wabash.

Closing Thoughts on the Sevylor Wabash Review

Basically, this kayak is for anyone is who is a beginner or a parent looking for an inflatable kayak that won’t burn a hole in your pocket,

The Wabash is an excellent ‘gateway’ kayak into the sport, because of its design purely for fun this can ease anyone and convince them how good the hobby is.

So, if you resonate with any of these points, then getting the Sevylor Wabash is something you have to do – even if it’s for your curious child.

As always, I hope this review was useful and you’ve finally come to a decision of picking the right kayak for you.

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