Sevylor Ottawa Review

In many other Sevylor Ottawa Reviews I have read online before I finally took the plunge and bought my own, people always seem to compare their Sevylor Alameda with the Sevylor Ottawa Kayak 2018… and for good reason.

But why?

Why do people compare the Sevylor Ottawa and the Sevylor Alameda you ask?

Well, both models perform exceptionally well, are the same in length and width and carry the same number of paddlers – up too 3 people can use this Kayak at any one-time and if you’re a loner like me, this just means more leg room!

One of the notable differences between the two when not comparing logistics is that the Sevylor Ottawa is shaped like a typical canoe despite it being branded as a ‘kayak’ and the Sevylor Amanda is shaped like a traditional inflatable kayak.

This is precisely what makes the Ottawa stand out from its ‘predecessor’, not technically of course, its rather the older brother to the Alameda but I like to look at it this way as it improves on everything that the Alameda had and here’s why…

Noting the fact that the Ottawa has a more canoe shape than a traditional inflatable kayak was key because even with its different style, you honestly cant quite believe this thing was inflatable, its so god damn solid you’d believe it was made out of light-weight titanium of sorts – honestly this is not an over exaggeration, I really do think its probably one of the most sturdy kayak’s I have tried and tested!

Due to the Ottawa’s black protective Decitex skin, which comes up higher then its ‘younger brother’ it offers better protection against scrapes which makes it perfect if you’re travelling down narrow canals.

If you’re anything like me, you just have to have your kayak’s always in pristine condition.

On top of this, the fin you will know from the Alameda, which gave it better tracking ability going forward, has now been modified so that you can easily attach/remove without needing to deflate your kayak first – which may not be a huge improvement compared to the solid as a rock skin it now bears but it is certainly one worth noting.

Right, enough comparing the Sevylor Ottawa with other kayaks, time to get into the real reasons why this kayak is perfect for anyone and everyone…


How does the Sevylor Ottawa paddle?

Speaking from experience, going as solo and once or twice as a 3-man with a couple of friends – fishing is great for this kayak, due to the ‘skin’ which covers it and the way it seemingly glides over waters, I’m so far impressed with how well it handles itself.

I am most impressed by the abilities in which it glides over water whilst tracking in a straight line perfectly without much real effort, whilst remaining stable and balanced so the time spent in the Ottawa can be an enjoyable experience overall and not something you need to keep worrying about whilst trying to have a great time.

Perfect for families, this Kayak also works wonderfully in all types of water conditions, from calm open oceans to shakey water rapids and narrow canals.

This is most probably due to the higher inflation pressure, which is actually higher than all the other models within the Sevylor series.

Overall the Sevylor Ottawa performs in the water as you’d expect from such a high-quality fibreglass kayak.

Sevylor Ottawa Review – Key Features

To give you a better understanding of why I’m recommending the Sevylor Ottawa so highly, I’m going to continue on with some key features as to why it is just a well-made kayak that is perfect for anyone.

This is so you can make your own judgement and decide if its right for you and maybe for your family.

New Improved Seating Design

One of the most impressive changes to the Ottawa from past iterations is the improved seating design, which makes it more comfortable and accessible to anyone who uses the kayak and it essentially uses your weight to help with the sturdiness of the entire vessel.

Each seat is suspended from the side tubes via hooks, which has four enormous benefits:

  • Your weight and your co-kayakers are now spread across the entire kayak, not just the floor – this removes any opportunity for the hull to misshape, and taking away any possible drag from the bump.
  • The hooks that connect the seats to the kayak can now be moved forward or backwards, allowing you to give more leg room to those who need it – and if you have no passengers on board, then perfect because with this design you can easily hook the seats, allowing you to remove them from the kayak altogether, giving yourself all the leg room you could need!
  • Higher seats – keeping your bottom dry and your paddling easy.
  • Say goodbye to a backache and welcome more enjoyable journies due to the improved lumbar backrests which support your body helping to maximize comfort which goes far above and beyond any standard kayak.


Hardened Patented Skin

I spoke about this a little before, but this is here to give you a bit more of a technical analysis of what I was getting at.

Underneath the Ottawa, it is protected by Decitex®, which is a patented skin formed for nylon that has been meticulously woven through multiple layers of PVC to ensure a hardened finish (hence the ‘Hardened Patented Skin’ title I so cleverly gave it!!)

The result, which not only leads to a hardened finish but gives the kayak a smooth and slippery surface with low drag.

Hardened skin allows you to drag your Ottawa up shingle beaches, run carelessly over rocks and graze against low-lying tree branches and roots.

Water will also bead off the kayak’s ‘skin’, meaning your Ottawa will be dry in no time when you eventually bring it out of the water so that you can quickly back it up and head on home!

“Is the Sevylor Ottawa for me?”

Obviously only you can answer that but I am here to give you all the information necessary, whether that’s from my own experience or based on the actual details of the product.

However, I do think the Ottawa seems to have been specifically made for certain types of kayaking enthusiasts, here why.

The Ottawa is near impossible to flip over, which makes it a safe option for families.

Coupled with the fact that it is nimble in its navigation, but robust and stable enough to tackle rapids waves, which means that if you’re with your family, you will have plenty of control of the movement – comparable to allocated movement you have in a car driving to the theatre with your partner and your children.

You will also have plenty of defence against waves if you or your family hate getting unnecessarily wet due to the bow and spray deck’s design.

Although it has a lot of benefits, especially if you’re with children, the Kayak is predominantly bought for solo use, due to the amount of leg room you are able to get with the removable seat function.

Together with the fact that the Kayak can easily be rolled away once deflated making it easy for someone going solo to manage, as well as coming with a bag that features comfortable padded shoulder straps so that you can easily walk to wherever you need to go with your kayak on your back – this is actually a really small feature but worth mentioning since I had no problems walking back home (about 5 miles away from where favorite kayaking spot is).

With handles at the mid-point and at each end of the kayak, it makes it even easier for you to carry the kayak by yourself once inflated.

The new paddle grips which have been implemented into this model also allow you to rest whenever you need to, which also removes the need of bringing a wet paddle into the cockpit.

Closing Thoughts on the Sevylor Ottawa 2018

Those are my thoughts and some more technical views on Sevylor Ottawa.

I hope you found this Sevylor Ottawa review useful.

And If I had to recommend this kayak to anyone, it would honestly be just for anyone.

The features apply to all kayakers and as it works perfectly for solos and families.

So, if you’re always riding solo, or you like to bring the family along, the Sevylor Ottawa is for you.

I’ll be back with plenty more review in the future, specifically on Sevylor products.

So stay tuned for that.

Until next time,


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