Sevylor Madison Review

There are plenty of kayaks on today market, whether you’re looking one for fun, for racing, for riving running or any long distance journey, there will be an inflatable kayak for that.

The Sevylor Madison has a lot of competition when it comes to doing all those things I’ve just listed above, and there is no doubt that these other kayaks do a better job, but for a fraction of the price, the Madison is an ideal kayak for anyone looking for the ability to throw it in the back of their car, drive down to their favourite spot and get on the water for an afternoon of fun.

This is mainly due to the fact that, as I’ve just said the Sevylor Madison will come at a fraction of the price, with all of the necessary thrown in with your purchase, such as paddles and a storage bag, the Sevylor Madison is a no-brainer buy.

Made for the uncomplicated fun factor.

Admittedly it looks a little daunting once first taken out of the box, but if you follow the guided procedure, you’ll have everything inflated in no time.

How does the Sevylor Madison paddle?

On the water it’s exactly what you expect and could want from an inflatable kayak at this price range, it is a sophisticated and a very tough inflatable two-seater, with enough leg room and for two decently sized rucksacks – perfect for a weekend adventure.

Honestly there’s not too much to comment on here, what you see is what you get, with the seats being inflatables and attached to the floors of the kayak you make experience some drag than if the seats were attached the sides but in all honesty, my experience with this kayak I never noticed it once, particularly because I was having to much fun and partially because it made little to no difference.

Due to the carry bag, the ease of pumping the raft due to the foot pump and handy repair kit, this kayak is great for short paddles rather than full-scale adventures, simply because of its convenience.

It goes without saying that there are no fancy footrests or little convenient details you may find on similar kayaks of the Sevylor range, due to its price point which could take away from the paddling experience but the kayak is intended to be used in short bursts, if you’re looking for a kayak that has all these little necessities and is built more for just fun, you should probably check out my Sevylor Ottawa Review or Sevylor Alameda Review.

I have to say, overall, when you look at it from an angle of fun, then you really can’t go wrong with picking up a Sevylor Madison.

Even if you’re looking for a more serious kayak for yourself that has better performance, at this price range it would be a shame to not buy one, so if you’ve got kids then buy one, they’ll be able to get endless amounts of fun out of it as its so easy to ride, inflate and put away.

Sevylor Madison – Key Features

This is the part where I list some key features worth noting, this is a quick way of getting the information you need on the kayak so you waste no time coming to a decision and you can start the enjoy the kayaking experience as soon as possible

Quick Inflation

It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to inflate the kayak and the seats as it comes with a handy foot pump which works with the kayak and the seats; although blowing the seats up by mouth is also a valid option.

Adjustable Seats

A common theme with inflatable kayaks but one certainly worth noting. The seats can be positioned to where you please, although on the floor of the Madison Sevylor has outlined suggested position of where you should place them you are more than welcome to move them around, giving the most leg room to those who need it.

Convenient Size

Because of the light large sports type bag, you can easily throw this over the shoulder and carry it to your destination as well as once you’re done with it, you can easily pack it away and throw it in the back of your car without it becoming a burden due to the room it takes up, which is usually a common problem with many other kayaks.

All In 1

Coming with a foot pump and paddles, you have everything you could need to begin your adventure. Although it is noted I would absolutely recommend getting you and anyone else travelling with you lifejackets, safety first guys!

Light Paddles

Speaking of the paddles, they are also light enough to the point that kids will have an easy time using them so they can join in on the fun! Usually, paddles are weighted to give you more movement in the water but because you are going to be using this in calm waters, these paddles are perfect for the job.

High Rise Sides

Because you sit so low in the Madison, you are well supported by the sides, meaning that if you’re on a calm lake or river you will be protected from any splashing water. Sometimes the water that you’re travelling in can get in the way of the fun; no one likes being cold and wet!

Easy To Steer

If used on calm waters and rivers, just like it was made for, you will find no problem getting the Madison to do exactly what you want it to do; even the kids will have an easy job of navigating!

Standard Repair Kit

And as always, with any kayak you purchase online, it also comes with a standard repair kit offering you a quick fix way of any punctures you main pick up by sharp objects in the waters. Please be aware that this repair kit is quick fix solution and the kayak should be properly looked at once properly out of the water and deflated.

“Is the Sevylor Madison for me?”

If you’ve read this review throughout, you may be aware by now that I’m quite heavy on recommending this one for the kids; and rightly so, I think its a really good, convenient kayak that can easily be thrown in to the back of the car without any preplanning and you are able to drive down to your favourite spot of water and have some fun for an hour or two.

So for that reason, if you’ve got kids and you want to have some fun, or even for your little ones want their own kayak to join you out on the water, Sevylor Madison is a no-brainer.

Even if you’re looking at this kayak to purchase for yourself, it still isn’t a bad idea in that regard. As it is easy to set up, use and pack away. Great for that sper of the moment kayak sessions. So if you’re someone who likes to go out on calm waters and relax then Sevylor Madison is still a great purchase.

Closing Thoughts on the Sevylor Madison Review

Ultimately, this kayak is for those who are looking for an inflatable that is going to bring them a great deal of fun to an activity they already enjoy.

The Madison is also a great purchase to act as a ‘gateway’ to introduce your children to this wonderful hobby we all enjoy so much.

So if you’re looking to chill out on calm lakes alone or with your children enjoying the fun together, then there is no better inflatable kayak on today’s market than the Sevylor Madison.


I hope you found this guide useful in your search the right kayak for you…

And as always, thanks for reading, don’t forget your lifejackets and have fun out there!

See you all next time,


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