Sevylor Alameda Review

If you’ve read my Sevylor Ottawa review, you’ll know that many people who write any Sevylor Alameda review seem to love to compare both the Ottawa and the Almeda. Stating that the Alameda is ‘inferior’ to its cousin, and to be fair, I do hint at this in my previous review.

However, it is to be noted that Alameda will stay make for a great inflatable kayak if you’re in the market for one.

The most obvious improvement the Alameda has over any previous kayaks is that the seat design has been drastically improved to maximise comfort for people using it as a 3-man and a 2-man inflatable. Like on the Sevylor Madison, where the seats were inflatable and were anchored to the floor of the kayak with velcro, the Alameda seats are still inflatable but now the seats are suspended from the site rather than touching the floor which means the kayak has less drag than other previous iterations.

Whilst we are on the subject of seats for now, if you consider the fact that this kayak makes for a great 3-man inflatable it will also make for a great 2 man inflatable as well due to the adjustable seats that can be move and removed if needed, offering more leg space to those who need it.

Inflatables are usually bought for kayakers looking for a lot of room for their travels, and the Sevylor Alameda provides this, with pocked seats and endless amounts of leg room for even carry-ons. With this, the kayak also isn’t to much trouble inflated, all in all, it takes around about 5 minutes to inflate with a manual pump, which really isn’t too bad in my honest opinion.

How does the Sevylor Alameda paddle?

The Sevylor Alameda has been designed to primarily target those within the leisure market, whether that’s for families of 3 looking to go on a calm day out or for beginners looking to slowly get into the hobby and want a reliable kayak that will give them the confidence they need to move onto more exciting waters.

I would say the Alameda is near impossible to flip on straightforward calm rivers and lakes, which makes it ideal for even the most unconfident riders and swimmers. The raised walls of the kayak with the built-in spray wall gives you excellent defence against small waves and choppier waters that you sometimes may encounter on even the calmest of lakes, which is usually due to being caught in poor weather. Due to this, you will find yourself with a relatively dry boat.

Because of the new and improved elevated seats, which I had spoken about previously, this not only reduces the drag your vessel would experience, it also gives you more clearance over the sides so you can paddle easier. With handles for your paddles on each side of the Alameda, you have a great place to keep them when you’re casually flowing downstream or at a standstill on a calm lake.

Tracking and gliding through your favourite waters is simple with the attachable skeg and built-in directional strake. With its underneath, dual skin made by Decitex provides a smooth water free surface to travel over many calm water surfaces, on top of the fact it gives you great defence against sharp object that may be in the water.

Overall I’d say this is one tough inflatable kayak, and its actually quite hard to believe its an inflatable because when you consider its defences, you’d think this thing was made out of titanium!

Sevylor Alameda – Key Features

Although I have just spoken about some of these features, I’m going to go on and list the most important ones, see you can get a clear understanding of what this kayak can offer you.

Wide Shape

With its wide shape, which offers you more leg room and general space when in the kayak, it also directly improves the stability of the inflatable so you are less likely to flip your vessel.

Removable Seats

As I have said before, this kayak makes for a great 3 seater due to the adjustable seats which allow you to reposition when you and the other kayaks sit, giving you control over who should have the most leg room. But on top of this, the removable seats makes it ideal for those families that sometimes travel with 3, sometimes with 2 and even for people who go out on the water alone.

Cargo Net

Sometimes, you just need to keep things close to you, whether that’s a first aid kit or a water bottle, you will be happy to know that each seat has its own cargo netting which gives you the opportunity to the important things close to you.

Removable Fin

When kayaking, it is handy to have tracking which offers you a great way of keeping inline so you can get to the places you need to go. However, we understand that some kayakers do not like this feature as it may restrain you from doing exactly what you want, well you’ll be happy to know the fin comes as a detachable feature.

Easy Inflation

Including a manual pump, you might consider this ‘not easy’ but due to the fact that it only takes up 5 minutes of your day and with this in comparison to other kayaks on the kayak, this is most certainly ‘easy inflation’.

Standard Repair Kit

And as always, with any kayak you purchase online, it also comes with a standard repair kit which offers a ‘quick fix’ way of repairing any problems with your Alameda that you may encounter on the water until you can get a more reliable fix.

“Is the Sevylor Alameda for me?”

So far in this review, I feel like I’ve laid out plenty of details about the kayak, and hopefully, by this point, you will know if the Sevylor Alameda is the right one for you.

However, if you can’t quite decide, here are a few more things to take note to help you make your decision on just this.

As I have written previously, the Sevylor Alameda has been made and marketed towards a more casual kayaker, for people who enjoy calm days out with their family on mild waters like straightforward flowing rivers and lakes. So ideally, you will be purchasing this kayak with the intent to do exactly this

And due to the removable seats, you are somewhat versatile in what you can do with this kayak if you’re going out with the family one week and riding solo the next then the Sevylor Alameda is a kayak you’re going to most definitely want to purchase.

Closing Thoughts on the Sevylor Alameda Review

I think Sevylor has done a great deal to improve the Alameda from its previous iterations, with such things as removable and adjustable seats go a long way for a family of kayakers.

The main selling point, of course, is the convenience of the raft and the fact that it has been made for the sole purpose of fun days out with family and friends, at a moderately reasonable price.

The quality is overall excellent, roomy and lightweight so it is easily carryable from the car and it opens up so many options for people looking for an all-round kayak for themselves and their families.

You really can’t go wrong purchasing the Sevylor Alameda here.


I may consider reviewing both the Sevylor Alameda and Sevylor Ottawa side by side, since they are such similar kayaks…

But until then…

See you all next time,


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