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As always, I like to check reviews online before I write my own so I can see other great key points that people mention and also as one that people fail to let the readers know. After reading a lot of reviews, I found one main ‘fact’ everyone kept talking about, more like arguing if anything…

There’s seems to be a debate on whether or not the Sevylor Adventure is actually a kayak or rather a canoe, but from my years of experience, does it matter?

Not at all in my personal opinion since if the ‘kayak’ or ‘canoe’ aka the Sevylor Adventure does what you want it to do, does it matter what it is identified as?

Absolutely not.

Due to its affordable price point, this kayak is great for anyone looking for an all-around great kayak that won’t burn a gigantic hole in their pocket. Whether you’re using it for relaxing times on a lake or fishing on calm waters and seashores, the Sevylor Adventure is seriously a KAYAK you’re going to want to own.

With its short inflation time (around about 10mintues with the pump) and small light design, this seriously is a no hassle kayak and is certainly ideal for anyone looking to go on spontaneous days out with their partner or family.

How does the Sevylor Adventure paddle?

It paddles well although slow, this is most probably due to the drag of the kayak which is most probably because of the seats which are attached to the bottom of the kayak rather than the side like a lot of the new Sevylor which properly distributes the weight to reduce drag when the kayak is travelling through the water.

To continue on how it paddles, the Sevylor Adventure certainly isn’t fast, even if you’re paddling like a madman you won’t seem to move any further. I’ve found even walkers by the canal are a lot faster than I was when paddling like this, so if you’re a speed junky then this kayak is definitely not for you but for anyone looking to enjoy there time whilst on the water, then the Sevylor Adventure couldn’t be any more perfect for you.

I’ve only ever used this thing solo, but I’d probably only ever do it for this purpose as it would most probably be a tight squeeze for to normal sized adults –  I also find that sitting cross-legged is your best idea if you want to not get sore legs due to the lack of room. The back support is rather unforgiven and after a few hours of paddling I began to hurt, so I would recommend only using this in short bursts or at least take rests from paddling by having calm breaks on the water and let yourself drift rather than moving forcefully.

Sevylor Madison – Key Features

After speaking about the paddling and my own experiences using this kayak, here are some key points:

Quick Inflation

As far as inflating this kayak goes, it’d say it fairly quick. It takes around 10mintues to fully inflate all of the parts (seats included) which isn’t too bad for a kayak this size.

Adjustable Seats

The seats can be adjusted to give those who need extra leg room as they are just strapped to the sides, however, what I ended up doing was using this kayak for myself so I took the other seats out of the kayak which offered a whole world of leg and cargo room.

Convenient Size

For a kayak which supports at least 2 people, the size is pretty compact, once the kayak has been deflated of course. This makes it so you are able to throw it in the back of your car and head down to your favourite spot without much hassle, it also makes carrying it on your back effortless (I’d recommend taking turns between you and a friend if you plan on walking a fair distance with this kayak on your back, however)

Sturdy Design

Although it is quite slow than many kayaks, what it lacks it speed it greatly makes up for in defences. With the high rise sides, you will find less water splashing in as well as any foreign objects in the water such as sharp object will have a harder time penetrating the kayak due to the durable polyester hull.

Easy To Steer

This kayak overall, in my experience (travelling alone) is fairly easy to steer with both paddles. This may be because it’s slower than most kayaks so, therefore, there is less water pressure on the kayak which gives you more controllability

“Is this a Kayak or a Canoe?”

Who the hell knows and who the hell cares? It does the job and that’s all that matters!

(I couldn’t resist adding this in after my previous comments on the ongoing debate about the Sevylor Adventure)

“Is the Sevylor Madison for me?”

Now I really don’t believe this kayak is strictly for anyone, there are a few factors which I have spoken about that hold it back from it being so, unlike say the Sevylor Madison which I feel is for all types of kayakers.

This kayak is best for kayakers looking to go as a solo on a calm lake, river or to do a pot of fishing for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. Simply down to the fact that the leg room is unforgiving and despite it being marketed as a 2/3 seater kayak there is nowhere near enough leg room for this amount of kayakers to have an enjoyable experience.

So if you’re a solo rider, looking for an affordable kayak that you can throw into the back of the car without much planning and be set up within 10 minutes of getting your favourite spot, then the Sevylor Adventure is a purchase you just have to make.

Closing Thoughts on the Sevylor Madison Review

This kayak, for its price, is great. There isn’t much room for complaints when it comes to a kayak at this price point,

But to sum up my thoughts, I would absolutely recommend this kayak to anyone who is looking for a reliable and affordable kayak that is going to be ideal for them when they are their solo adventures.

So if this is you, then stop looking about for kayaks because the Sevylor Adventure is absolutely right for you.

See you all next time,


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